Fertility Care on Sage
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A system to morally, safely and effectively plan your family.

Fertility Care 

Mary has been a certified fertility care practitioner for the last two years and teaching clients for the last four years.



the creighton model

The Creighton Model system is a family planning model which assists women to monitor, evaluate and maintain their reproductive health.  Just by charting their cycle women can understand more deeply the gift that is their fertility. 

The Creighton Model is extremely effective and easy to learn. 

The Creighton Model exceeds the effectiveness of the hormonal birth control pill in avoiding pregnancy and is three times more effective than IVF in achieving pregnancy without any of the moral issues of either.

Introductory sessions are held monthly at St. Michael Catholic Church. 

Materials for charting cost $30.

Follow up sessions are required to learn the Creighton model system.

  • These are one on one sessions lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour which train the woman/couple to monitor their fertility.  
  • 8 follow up session over 1 year are usually required to learn the system confidently.  
  • Each follow up session costs $50.  
  • Checks, cash or credit card are accepted.