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Mary Caprio

Catholic Educator
& Speaker


Mary is a passionate & engaging speaker! She's also an excellent Fertility Care PRACTITIONER to assist you in planning your family effectively and morally.

Invite Mary to speak to your parish community, school or organization on a variety of topics. Mary has the ability to draw the audience in with her passion, energy and love of the Catholic faith. Her experience as a nurse, university professor and faith formation educator makes her presentations accessible, exciting and transforming.

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Houston, Texas


Areas of Expertise 

Fertility care

Mary teaches the Creighton Model Fertility Care System.  She has been a certified practitioner for 2 years and has been teaching for 4 years. Her experience as a registered nurse gives you confidence in a system which assists families to effectively plan their families whether their goal is to avoid or achieve a pregnancy.


Mary is a seasoned educator and professor of theology at University of St. Thomas, Houston. She has local and national experience in speaking. She can speak on ALL things Catholic and LOVES doing so. Her areas of expertise include:  Bioethics, foundational Catholic teaching, Theology of the Body and Moral Theology. For a more extensive list, please click below.

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Mary has been teaching the Catholic Faith for the last 9 ½ years. She is currently an adjunct theology professor at University of St. Thomas, Houston and speaks locally and nationally for Churches, organizations and schools. Mary has a Masters in Nursing and 2 Masters in Theology. She has been a director of adult faith formation for a large Catholic community in Houston and developed the RCIA, marriage preparation and baptism processes there. For a complete biography on Mary, click below:


It is only in the sincere gift of self that one finds himself

Man is incomprehensible without love
— St. John Paul II


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